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Channel D was launched in 1995 for creating innovative computer software for professional and laboratory audio signal analysis.

Rob Robinson, the chief architect of Channel D and a former research scientist at Bell Communications Research (originally part of AT&T Bell Labs), has enjoyed athletic activities (including rock climbing, semi-professional motocross racing and skydiving), as well as being a musician (piano, classical and electric rock guitar playing), and naturally, buying and enjoying vinyl LPs for over 45 years.

On a 1988 trip to Japan, Rob purchased a digital (DAT) recorder to make LP to digital transfers (at the time, DAT recorders were unavailable in the USA). However, the quality of those transfers was limited by the digital hardware, lacking the full “sparkle” of analog LP playback.

Rob was immersed in electronic hardware design and writing computer software during his education and career. That experience came in handy when he imagined that fellow vinyl enthusiasts might benefit from software for preserving and enhancing the enjoyment of their LP collections. The enabling technology appeared 15 years ago with the emergence of relatively affordable high resolution 192 kHz 24 bit digital converters, spurring Rob to design digital signal processing software for the RIAA EQ curve for LP playback. The resulting sound quality was unexpectedly spectacular. So, after a few years’ worth of work, Pure Vinyl was released in 2006 as Channel D’s first home-consumer-audio product.

Unfortunately, 2006 was the year LP sales hit their all-time low - a poor environment for introducing Pure Vinyl. That unfavorable business climate was not considered: regardless of the potential size of the market, Pure Vinyl was guaranteed a user base of at least one: its designer!

Fast-forward 11 years. Now previewing version 5 with an amazing, time saving automatic track finder, Internet LP lookup and other enhancements, Pure Vinyl is the premier solution for easily making high quality digital transfers of LP records - not to mention the route to superb LP playback via digital RIAA EQ. Pure Vinyl gets daily workouts in the hands of many enthusiastic users, as well as daily testing at Channel D’s tech center, Rob gradually working his way through an LP collection that has grown to nearly 20,000 LPs. Pure Vinyl was also joined in 2007 by what would become the first in Channel D’s award winning line of phono preamplifiers, also designed by Rob.

Pure Vinyl retails for $379, discounted to $299 pending release of the final version of Pure Vinyl 5. It may be downloaded from their website, along with printed and video documentation.
(609) 818-0700

Channel D will be exhibiting and demonstrating their products at Audio Expo North America (AXPONA) near Chicago from April 13-15, 2018.